About Us

For many years, we’ve been providing state-of-the-art laser solutions for government agencies and customers with high-quality cleaning needs, such as the automotive, welding, and aerospace industries. Our technology ranges from 20 to 1,000 watts of laser power to ensure we can provide services to a large scope of clients, including those who need to remove dangerous coatings and nuclear radiation without damaging the product in any way.

We deliver complete and high-end solutions, clean products with no damage, have the highest quality cleaning possible, and enable time, quality, and cost benefits.

We offer laser cleaning units that can be either handheld or automated. This ensures that we can offer you the best cleaning strategy for your specific needs. All of our laser cleaners are easy to use, and the initial investment pays for itself within two years.

We also decide on the best approach to use, depending on what type of contaminant you wish to remove. Because of our diverse laser technologies, we’ve successfully provided services to the military, automotive, nuclear, and aerospace industries.